Expert Boiler Services in Brooklyn, New York

We offer high-quality boiler installation and repair assistance in Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan

Many home owners in Brooklyn are still making use of boilers for heat generation, and it is easy to understand why. Boilers last for a long time, and are reliable appliances for producing heat. Although these are sturdy in construction, the boilers need to be maintained regularly and also replaced when upkeep proves to be insufficient, as is the case with any other home appliance.

At Get Smart Boiler Services in Brooklyn, we have highly expert boiler contractors who can install and repair any type of boiler unit out there. Schedule an appointment with our contractors for regular inspection, repair and maintenance services, and you can enjoy using your boiler for more time. However, if the existing boiler has to be replaced, our professionals can set up a very efficient boiler for you.

Benefits of Installing Boilers

In older buildings in New York, heat pumps and furnaces appear to be extremely popular. However, boilers have many varied benefits that can satisfy the needs of homeowners.

Our boiler contractors at Get Smart Plumbing & HVAC Services are there not simply to serve the people of NY. They also offer useful guidance to help homeowners decide on how to get the maximum amount of comfort.

You can expect:

  • Moisture containment – As boilers are heating systems based on water, the amount of humidity in the indoor surroundings can be kept at a moderate level. This can offer amazing benefits for health.
  • Uniform heat distribution – Heat from boilers, unlike air heated by force, gets distributed naturally to surfaces, floors and other areas of rooms – ensuring optimal comfort.
  • Can be extended – Boilers can also be extended by setting up conduits beneath the surfaces of driveways, walkways, garages and patios.

We have expert plumbers in NY to offer guidance to you in determining whether a boiler can help you make the most of the heating system of your building.

When Do You Need Boiler Repair Services?

Your boiler can develop various issues over time. Some of these might be fixed quickly whereas the rest take longer to repair. These are some common boiler issues that might need that you call Get Smart Plumbing’s Boiler Services in Brooklyn experts.


Kettling is basically a low humming sound coming from boilers, and is generally caused by an accumulation of scales within the heater exchange.

Cold Radiators

Boilers supply water to some home appliances. When there is obstruction in the supply, these appliances cannot make use of the heat. These problems can arise due to an accumulation of corrosive material, debris or sludge in pipes.

Odd Sounds

If there is excessive water or even too low amount of water within a boiler, there can be whistling or gurgling sounds. Never ignore this, and call us up immediately.

Lack of Hot Water supply

When you cannot get hot water out of taps, it is often due to a mechanical breakdown.

Boiler Gets Powered On / Off Automatically

Does your boiler switch on / off automatically with no need to adjust the temperature of your home? The thermostat could be the source of the problem.

When to Set Up a New Boiler?

Boilers can be operational for a long time before experiencing reduced efficiency. When these near the end of lifespan, there are some noticeable signs such as need for frequent repairs or a steady rise in electricity bills. Even if your existing one is an old unit, it might be time to install a new one.

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